Meet some of our awesome Hair Specialists here at Roots Hair & Beauty Salon!

At Roots Hair & Beauty Salon, we’re a dynamic team of stylists and beauticians, brought together by a true passion for all things beauty. Today, we’re zooming in on three of our exceptional stylists who bring experience, skill, and a touch of magic to every client they meet: Amelia, Janeth and Weena.

Meet Amelia: Queen of Balayage

With a meticulous brush and a keen eye for detail, Amelia excels in Balayage, a technique as elegant as its name suggests. Amelia’s capable hands delicately paint lighter tones into your hair, adding dimension and texture to your overall look. What sets Amelia’s Balayage apart is that it’s not just a service; it’s a journey personalized for each client. Taking into account lifestyle, skin tone, and desired end goals, Amelia ensures that every client walks away with a look that is uniquely theirs.

Who is this technique best for? Anyone and everyone!

Blondes seeking brightness, brunettes craving dimension and everyone in between – Amelia welcomes you to experience the allure of Balayage firsthand. Your dream of a beautiful layered look is just a salon visit away.

Meet Janeth: Brazilian Blowout Expert

When it comes to removing frizz and making hair silky-smooth, Janeth is queen of her domain. The Brazilian blowout isn’t just a service for Janeth; it’s a promise of up to 12 weeks of salon-quality perfection. Whether you’re battling the Gulf humidity or simply seeking a smoother mane, Janeth has you covered. With customized techniques tailored to every hair type, the Brazilian blowout transforms not just your strands, but your entire look.

Janeth’s promise: Up to 12 weeks frizz-free, cuts blowdry time in half!

Embrace the freedom of wash-and-go styling and bid farewell to frizzy hair. Janeth awaits, ready to make your locks effortlessly polished.

Meet Weena: Artisan of Creative Cuts

In Weena’s world, scissors are her paintbrushes, and hair is her canvas. From the avant-garde allure of the wolf cut to the timeless elegance of a classic bob, Weena’s expertise knows no bounds. But it’s not just about the cut – it’s about crafting a style that speaks to your unique essence. With an astute understanding of face shapes and lifestyles, Weena offers more than just a haircut; she offers a transformation.

What can Weena do for you?

Whether you’re craving a bold change or seeking subtle refinement, Weena invites you to discover the transformative power of a perfectly tailored cut.

Whatever your hair needs

At Roots Hair & Beauty Salon, Amelia, Janeth, and Weena aren’t just stylists; they’re hair experts, each wielding her unique talents to make your dream hair become a reality. Whether you’re after sun-kissed strands, a frizz-free mane, or a daring new look, this talented trio stands ready to make it happen. Book your appointment today and enjoy the passion and expertise at Roots Hair & Beauty Salon!

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